Hi Everyone.

Welcome to the new look FEGA Forum. As you can see the web site and forum have been upgraded quite considerably and we all owe Bill Gamradt a great big thank you for doing the work.

To join this forum you will have to register again. Your old log-in details won't work on this forum but they will still work on the actual FEGA web site. It's just one of those things. You can re-register with your old log-in details if you want to or create a new identity.

The 3 post rule still applies when you register. These posts will have to be moderated no matter who you are. It is a security measure and designed to prevent spammers and the like hammering us. So please be patient.

I would encourage you all to register under your own name if possible so we know who you are. I would also encourage you to add to your profile by adding a picture of yourself in the setting up the top right hand corner.

We have set the forum up and tested it as best we can.........but there will always be initial unforeseen problems. If you strike anything that isn't working properly please let us know so we can fix it.

Rex Pedersen is our official moderator so be gentle on him as he's never done this before.

So welcome to the new forum and I hope you enjoy using it and remember to take advantage of the new web site features.