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Thread: Style of engraved work ?

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    Style of engraved work ?

    Hi everyone,
    I have acquired a German luger that is engraved and I have been researching the possible source of the craftsman who did the work. I am leaning towards the engraver being one that may have studied under Shiro Ogawa simply because to me,the design pattern seems consistent with his style. I may be way off base in my assessment given the fact that I have no experience with the history and disciplines of the many artisans and their work. So I'm turning to the pros.
    The gun is a 1915 DWM,all matching with genuine ivory grips and a matching hand tooled leather holster.
    Any thoughts,opinions or comments would be greatly appreciated.


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    Could be Ogawa but lots of Japanese engravers do "English" scroll similar to that. It is very difficult to tell the work of one Japanese engraver from another.

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