The Best Seminars in FEGA History.
Last year we had the great engraver Sam Alfano. . . .
This year we add to what may be some of the best Free Seminars in FEGA history.
Starting at 9 am Monday January 23rd we will have a powerhouse of engraving knowledge presented by two FEGA masters, Bob Evans and Simone Fezzardi.
Simone starts first at 9 am and the subject will be bulino engraving.
Fezzardi is young for a Master engraver, yet he was the first international member to gain the prestigious title of Firearms Engravers Guild of America Master Engraver. Simone Fezzardi has over twenty years experience working as an Engraver in Gardone Italy, working for the great engraving houses on a large variety of Italian and English shotguns of the highest value. Below we have photos and a description of one of his recent masterpieces.
“Venezia” created by Warren Osborne and Simone Fezzardi
Simone Fezzardi’s engraving on the Osborne fold known as “ Venezia” displays an obvious grasp of the subject matter. It is artisticly pleasing in style and layout. It evokes an instant emotional response in the viewer. These are the prerequisite features of a great Masterwork.
His many years experience are used on this piece to recreate the delicate features of beautiful young women dressed for a Venetian ball. The figures are delicately posed, and Fezzardi uses his great skill with the bulino tool to make a life like image composed entirely of tiny dots, put into the exact proper positions , by hand, one at a time to create stunning realism.
A master work of the highest order by one of the best engravers in Italy.

After Simone, at 10:30 am we have Founding member and FEGA Master Robert Evans with a demonstration of gold inlay techniques.
Many years ago when I was in my early thirties, I was very fortunate to visit Bob at his home in Oregon City where he revealed to me his personally developed techniques for gold inlay including special tools he invented to inlay gold wire on a curve and many other tips and tricks.
I was stunned and delighted by the simplicity and efficiency of his advanced technique, and I am sure you will be also.
Bob truly is one of the greatest Masters to grace a FEGA seminar, and we are very fortunate to have the benefit of his knowledge and insight in the field of engraving demonstrated to us.
Now you have the chance to observe two of the world’s greatest engravers demonstrate their techniques, and I will see you at the seminars in LAS VEGAS!