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Thread: Looking for engraver with initials BJG

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    Looking for engraver with initials BJG

    I have a High Standard 1972 Trophy Olympic Commemorative pistol that was made in 1974. It is 3/4 coverage engraved, and I found the initials B.J.G. engraved on the lower side of the barrel near the breech. The initials are hidden from view when the barrel is attached to the frame. This gun is one of about 100 pistols produced by High Standard in Hamden, CT, in the 1972 to 1974 period. This gun was shipped in 1974.

    I am wondering if anyone knows who the engraver is that used these initials? There were probably more than one engraver who worked on these pistols. Of the small sample of these pistols that we know of, this is the only one so far that has initials on the guns.

    I really enjoy having this pistol, and am impressed with the skill and attention to detail that engravers do to transform firearms into works of art.

    Wayne Davis, Director, High Standard Collectors' Association

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    I might suggest that you direst your question to the FEGA historian, C. Roger Bleile at
    Roger will do his best to help you I'm sure.

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    I found out the B.J.G. initials belong to Bryson J. Gwinnell. master engraver. I purchased a copy of the engraving book for sale on this site. The information for the book states that one of the cover photos is the work of Bryson Gwinnell. I am glad to determine who worked on my pistol.

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