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    Hello everyone, my name is Mario and I am new in the forum. I have 4 years living in USA and since I arrived in this country I was fascinated to see on the internet the engravings of weapons. I have 15 years of experience in engraving by hand but only in metals such as gold, silver, copper, brass, etc., never in steel. I have been a jeweler for 30 years, but of all my abilities it is the engraving that I like the most. I gave myself to the task of buying everything I saw on the internet and I have GraverMax G8 with Magnum Handpiece (Oval knob), Super Silent Val-Air 50-15AL Air Compressor 1/2 HP-4 Gallon Tank, Diamonds power hone, microscope, bench accessories and all kind of GRS gravers. I also bought several CDs of the most popular engravers that I found, but in no CD or video I meet anyone who teaches about the configuration of those equipment(GraverMax G8 and air compressor). I started to practice with the air PSI that I thought better and I have managed to do some designs but with a lot hard work. I do not think I'm doing the right air setting, because it's hard for the handpiece to advance and the gravers lose their edge very fast. I truly feel frustrated even though I'm sure I can do a good job. My goal is to get to engrave with the machine as I do without it and to do works as good as those of Sam Alfano, Don Glaser and other excellent engravers. If anyone could help me I would be eternally grateful.

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    Welcome to the forum Mario. I suggest you call GRS and talk with them about your needs. They are very nice and helpful people!

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    Hello Mario, welcome to the country and the forum.
    GRS demonstrates their products at gun, jewelry and craft shows around the country.
    Call or check their schedule on their website for a show near you.
    You can see how they set the equipment up and maybe try theirs.

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    Welcome Mario, both to the country and to the forum. Maybe with a location on your info someone near you will be able to help with your issues privately.

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    Hello Mario! I'd also recommend you contacting GRS. You mentioned that you have 15 years of experience in engraving. Maybe you could show us some of your work?

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