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Thread: Thanks for allowing me to participate, introducting myself.

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    Thanks for allowing me to participate, introducting myself.

    Hello all, Firstly let me say I am not an engraver yet although I did try it years before the internet so I had very little to go on. After seeing the work you are all producing by hand has inspired me to revisit the thought. I do laser engraving now but your design elements and skill is most inspiring and no doubt something to aspire to if you all permit. I still use a little hand work, with rotary tools to enhance laser work so I guess I might be allowed near the first rung on the ladder. "Painting" the images on the subject is one application I see I could use to begin with. Anyway, Im a Dubliner but living in Austin, Texas and very grateful to access all your experience to advance mine - Thank you all - Neville

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    Welcome Neville, it's good to have you aboard.
    You are an ex-Dubliner you say, and now from Austin. Hope you are enjoying Texas.
    I'm an ex-Brit. and 68 years removed from the Old Country.
    Look forward to seeing more of you on the FEGA forum and you would find a warm welcome if you become a member.
    Don't know if you have found The Engravers Cafe, but you will also find a welcome there.
    Best to you on your journey into hand engraving.

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    Hi Neville. I lived in Austin in 1964-5 attending UT in the USAF meteorology program. In those days Austin was about 212,000 population and one of the least expensive places to live. How times change!

    Welcome, and dig in to engraving as you will find it a lifetime endeavor of enjoyment.

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