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    question from a newbe


    Hello all. I'm not an engraver as my hands are crippled. I am a lover of engraving, especially guns for mabe 65 years when I sneaked in to my wealthy grandpa's closet and saw some outstanding engraved guns. Attachments show my latest purchase. It is not signed. Would anyone have a comment as to who might have done this work. My friend Marcello who reps Creative Art told me the work was done in America. Another question, these photos were taken some years ago before I purchased the gun. Some on the engraving is either gone or not ass sharp as the pictures show. Creative Art tells me that to enhance existing engraving is more expensive than doing the entire work over. The Pheasants tail needs to be enhanced and the hill side below the woodcock's beak is all but gone. The beak also needs work. I'd appreciate any advice and word from anyone who thinks they can work this existing engraving back to it's original shape as seen in the attachments.

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    Sorry but I see no pictures of the gun in question.
    My only advise is to re-read the instructions on posting attachments and try again.
    My computer savvy is minimal.

    Now I see links to both pictures, thank you.
    The gun looks good and the pictures don't show any need for re-engraving IMO.
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    I agree with Mr Barraclough.....leave the engraving alone. Any attempt to "restore" the engraving will ruin it's value.

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