Hello all,

I am not an engraver, but I am an avid firearms collector/shooter and my focus is primarily on S&W Hand Ejectors.

I have recently acquired a couple of engraved firearms which have sparked my interest in possibly signing up for an entry engravers course at our local Yavapai College.

I am 53 years old and not retired, so this would be a hobby for me......will have to see if I am too old to get the hang of this or just plain not talented enough to handle the tedious requirements of the art.

One of the engraved guns recently acquired was done by Rudy Marek and is a S&W 3.5" Pre-27......I can email photos to those interested until I can get them loaded..... send me an email at tomgraham01msn.com for photos.

Anyway, thanks for taking time to read this and I would appreciate any guidance you are willing to give.