Hi Guys, Im am new to the forum and wanted to see if anyone is interested in taking on an Over/Under engraving project.

I am planning to buy either a Stainless of Blued O/U (Engravability will determine which finish to purchase), and I wanted to have a brand engraved into it.

With the Aluminum alloy receiver, I was considering a carlush frame with a relieving background and the brand is in the positive (I apologize if my terminology is incorrect)

For the Blued Option, I thought the brand in a gold inlay would look nice.

If anyone is interested in this engraving project or can refer me to somebody that might take on the work. please email me directly.

Below are some stock pictures of the O/U as well as conceptual drawings of what I had in mind. Franchi Engrave Reduced Size2.jpgFranchi Engrave.pdf