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Thread: The Engraver, Issue 120

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    The Engraver, Issue 120

    I'd like to use our FEGA forum to compliment another great issue of The Engraver Magazine.
    Thank's to a bang up job of publishing by Mr. Andrew Biggs.
    Some fantastic photographs by Sam Welch of his Bodmar inspired lever action rifle.
    And an in-depth, progress article and pictures of the masterpiece Robert E. Lee Colt by Mike Dubber.
    So much to study and admire in these breathtaking works of art.
    These photographs and articles were beautifully supported by Danny Aulia's fine work on his Kimber !911 and also a preview of of the Colt 1911 FEGA Auction gun with work by Layne Zuelke, Bob Strosin, Bryan Powley. And with yet more art and inlay to be added by Barry Lee Hands.
    Then the final finish by Douglas Turnbull of Turnbull Restorations. Look forward to seeing it in Vegas.
    This auction firearm will be a outstanding representation of the skill and dedication of some of the older and newer members of The Firearms Engravers of America. Thank you very much gentlemen.
    The Cabot Relic article by Otto Carter offered some unusual and thought provoking engraving and ideas.
    Also some great pics in "Around the Traps" and a wonderful mandolin tailpiece Weldon Lister.
    Congratulations to Diane Scalese on her well deserved election to the Cowgirls Hall of Fame and to the winners of the Emerging Artists Awards. See you all in Las Vegas.

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    Thanks Sir John! With the 40th gathering of engravers looming in January, who would have thought it possible.

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    Yes, another great magazine by the Master, Sir Andrew!

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