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Thread: Metal Preparation and Finishing Seminar

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    Metal Preparation and Finishing Seminar

    I've been teaching small group private Custom Gunmaking Seminars in my workshop in Livingston, MT for eight years. Stockmaking is the most popular but a few years back I added a Metal Finishing Seminar that I recently realized might be of great benefit to professional engravers.

    I've worked with several FEGA Master Engravers over the years and they can attest to my professionalism and competence or my results. See examples at:

    In the Seminar we cover hand polishing - the best way to polish gun metal, (no machine polishing) with techniques developed that result in scratch-free, 600 grit, ready to engrave surface. We cover: Draw filing, re-establishing surfaces, directional polishing, cross-polishing, grit progression, blending with an emphasis on keeping flats truly flat, uniform curved surfaces and sharp edges that define and enhance the original metalwork contours.

    We discuss and accomplish proper surfaces for color case hardening, rust bluing, bright metal, and nitre bluing. We examine engraved custom guns and rifles and how the surfaces and metal finishes have held up with decades of usage shooting and hunting. The example guns are my own custom guns finished with these techniques and used for decades.

    Both Express and Slow rust bluing are accomplished in the shop. We will prepare and complete a batch of screws with Nitre bluing. The five day, approx 45 hour of class time will include daily discussions and about 8 hours of bench work each day. Tuesday and Thursday evenings we meet back in the shop for a couple hours of "show and tell" inviting students to bring firearms example to discuss.

    The Seminar cost is $1650, it runs Monday though Friday June 24-28, 2019 for a maximum of four students with lunch provided I have one workbench open for 2019 and invite prospective student to get on my list for notification next year. I request a 50% deposit a with balance 30 prior to class.
    I can be contacted at: 406-222-9377 or be email:
    Steven Dodd Hughes
    Gunmaker, Writer, Photographer
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    Hello Steven,
    Knowing your experience and dedication to fine firearms, this sounds like very valuable instruction.
    Best regards.

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